A Custom Mobile Accessory Your Brand Needs

One thing to think about when purchasing a promotional product is finding an item that has good brand real estate and is a useful item for the recipient. You don’t want to spend all this money and time for an item that will be thrown away or forgotten about within minutes. Let’s face it… there are a lot of bad promotional products out there that scream CHEAP.


0.656944_492268!b=(de631811.ca)!s=300We just finished up a self-promo of the Toddy® Wedge™Mobile Device Stand. Tech items are hot and trendy no matter who you ask. Every one has a mobile device of some sort that they use daily. We knew the Wedge would be used over and over again by our clients. I particular love this item, because I can place my iPhone on it at an angle to make sure I don’t miss any calls. Also, it is the BEST screen cleaner. The bottom plush material wipes away any smudges on the screen. What more could you ask for in a desk item?! Believe me when I say it…. you will love it!


Check out this 30 second video that showcases the Wedge’s multi-use functionality!


Coming up next on Paige Promotion…. a trendy custom tote that has a retail look! Stay tuned!

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