About Paige

I was born and raised watching my mom, aunt and uncle sweat their butts off to build a


successful promotional products and corporate apparel company in small town, USA. A place that reflects community, high school sports, agriculture, manufacturing and family. A place where people work hard and are always eager to help.

In June 2015, I made my way back to my roots in Fort Loramie, Ohio after living and working in Columbus for 6 years. I was thrilled to dive into my role at my family’s company. A company I grew up in.

Now, I get to share with you all a glimpse into the world of promotional products…

I believe in the power of branding, understand the ever-evolving world of marketing and the importance of a company’s logo.

One thing I’ve noticed about the world of promotional products and being a marketing pro, choosing the right products and right avenue to promote a brand can be difficult. This blog is the perfect platform for me to show you the latest promo ideas, share my marketing struggles and give you a look into the life inside the company I love.

I hope you find this blog informative and continue to visit!

Paige N. Turner – @paigepromotion



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