Two Ways to Transform a Promo Product

There are thousands upon thousands of promo products on the market. Our clients always ask:

What’s new and different?

How can our promo giveaway stand out from our competitor?

As a promo company we are continuously trying to find unique products or ways to help our clients take the same type of promo product that their competitors have and make them stand out.

Here are two ways to instantly make your promo product shine.


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I used to work at a local coffee shop in high school. We were told again and again ….. think presentation, presentation, presentation. No plate or drink can leave the kitchen unless it looks good! No one wants to eat food that looks bad. It is the same idea in the promo world.

Think presentation when it comes to your promo products. A little extra work and planning can make your ordinary promo product turn into an EXTRAordinary product.

Let’s talk drinkware for example. It is our top selling promotional product category. It’s something everyone uses every day for coffee, water or tea. If you are at a trade show or making a sales call, how do you make your tumbler the one the customer uses and remembers?

Presentation Tip #1: Fill the tumbler up with tea or Keurig Cups

Who wouldn’t love a tumbler filled with coffee K-Cups or tea? Many offices and homes around the country have a Keurig and it’s a great way to add a little treat along with the promo product.

Presentation Tip #2: Add a Starbucks or local coffee shop gift card in the tumbler

Adding a gift card to a coffee shop now increases the perceived value of the tumbler and yourself. You are showing the client that you care enough about them to give them more than just another tumbler.


  1. Make a common product USEFUL

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Paper products can be boring; however, sticky notes and notepads are used EVERY DAY for a variety of tasks. We use them in our homes, at work and on the go. Take those paper products one step further and give your customer a reason to use yours.

With a full color & large imprint area you can make paper products useful items like:

  • Calendars
  • Rulers
  • To-Do Lists
  • Alert Tabs
  • Shopping Lists
  • Order Forms

I find calendars and to-do lists the most useful in an office setting. It keeps me on time and on target. Your clients and employees will love these AND use them. It’s a clever & inexpensive way to keep your brand front and center in your client’s day.


Interested in one of these products or want more information? Email me at or tweet @paigepromotion!