Products Your Brand Needs in 2017

I was on a mission to find out the new trends and promo ideas in our industry when attending a vendor product showcase last week. 2016 was the year of the “Yeti” knock-off. This year we are seeing new twists on the “Yeti” knock-offs, fun tech items, bright colors and custom packaging.

One of my favorite new products is the Sherpa 11-oz. Vacuum Tumbler and Insulator. The Sherpa keeps your drinks warm for 6 hours/cold for 12 hours and is the perfect size for traveling. This tumbler is available in black, gray, lime green purple, red, royal blue, silver, turquoise and white.

Oh… and did I mention that it is also a can coolie?! For only $7.99, you can easily make your customers happy!


Another product that seemed to be creating a ton of buzz… a light switch. Yes, sounds funny and strange – but companies are going crazy over this item. The Power Switch LED Light is great for fun promotions and is a very useful item. This ‘power switch-look’ light provides 6 LED lights and creates light in all dark places such as your closet or cupboard. The self adhesive tape and key hole slot on the back make it possible to place the light in most locations. At $2.99/each you can add any clever message.



The Edge Power Bank, 2200 mAH is a new power bank to hit the market. The Edge is a low cost power bank that is FULL of power. This is not only a great deal but will keep your customers charged on the go! Customize your own for only $4.99!


One last trend of the new year I want to share… custom packaging. Our clients are always asking us for ideas to make their promotional products/giveaways to stand out from their competitors. Full custom packaging is the best way to take your promotional giveaways to the next level.

Why not spend a little extra to have your logo’d giveaway placed in branded box with your messaging on it. Not only is it a nice, retail-like presentation but the quality of that giveaway increases. Check out some ideas below.


With all of these new products and marketing ideas, you are sure to impress your clients!

Need some ideas for an upcoming event, marketing campaign or just want to see the latest trends? I’d love to chat!


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